A New Friend From B6

By , August 19, 2007 12:35 pm

I apologize for my silence these past few days, however I have been haunting the halls of the local Humane Society in a quest for a kitten. We ended up with some kittens (yes, that is plural, I really AM crazy).

We also ended up with another stray dog. We named him TJ and he is an awesome Australian Cattle Dog (also known as a “Heeler” since these dogs herd cattle by nipping at their heels). No, I wasn’t looking for another dog, and I don’t have too many cows that need herding, but here at the Humane Society you unfortunately have to walk past some dogs to get to the cat room.

With willpower, you can turn your head the other way and ignore all the dogs except for whoever is in Cage B6. I call Cage B6 “The Sucker Cage.” It faces the door so you have to look at the occupant when you open the door to enter the hallway. That is the cage my existing cattle dog Belle was in two and a half years ago when I went to adopt a cat and I ended up with her too.

TJ was also in “The Sucker Cage.” I managed to not adopt him for three days, and then I couldn’t stand it anymore and HAD to go back. Could you have refused that face?

So far he gets along wonderfully with my kids, my cats and Belle. I think he is bringing quiet Belle out of her shell a little bit. Plus, it is absolutely AMAZING to see what he can do with a ball or a frisbee. (For example: Back flips to catch in midair!) My dog-agility friend Amy is very impressed with him.

This afternoon I am taking both dogs over to her huge backyard agility field for lots of ball and frisbee time. Couch potato Belle will just want to sniff around, but TJ is going to have a blast. It’ll be fun!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    YOu are just amazing! This is the reason (I’m chicken) that I just can’t go to the Humane Society. I would have a houseful of dogs and maybe a cat or two. I’m glad everyone is getting along so well. Maybe the secret backflipper Bella is really going to come out of her shell now!

  2. Jenny says:

    I can’t wait to read your cat post. I am a sucker too, and your new dog has such a sweet face. I hope that all of you had fun playing ball and frisbee- you’ll have to try and get a picture of one of those backflips!

  3. Andamom says:

    Congrats on the new pets! I’m also now back from vacation — so I’ll be looking forward to reading about the new animals too.

  4. CelticMommy says:

    I cannot set foot in the local Animal Shelter but do donate blankets and newspapers as often as I can. My current dog Petey is a rescue dog (found abandoned at a vegetable stand on a 100+ degree day without water!) and he is the king of our back yard. He had a mate named Piper, but we had to give her away when she tried to kill our baby. We found her a home about 25 miles away where she keeps a local farm free of rats and possums apparently (she is a brindle terrier/pit mix with the cutest face!) and her new family is deeply in love with her.

    Congratulations on your newest additions! :-)

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