Suction Cup Placemat (Stuff I Wish I Had Invented)

By , July 3, 2007 8:07 am

How did I ever live without this until now? I guess I have just been trying to forget about how gross restaurant tables must really be. Not that I am germphobic, however I am so happy to have found this portable placemat.

The really great thing about it is that it has suction cups on the bottom so that your little cherub can’t rip it off the table and fling it on the floor (like a regular placemat, napkin, or horror of horrors…a china plate). There is a little pocket that hangs over the edge of the table to hopefully catch some of the mess (does not work when food is flung sideways). After the meal, the whole thing rolls up, debris and all, and tucks into a diaper bag for cleaning at home. Available in pink, blue, yellow and green.

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