Peace Ring

By , June 20, 2007 5:57 pm

This clever toy is really a work of art. The manufacturer (The Orb Factory) says: “The multicolored beads represent the many beautiful colors of humanity. As you manipulate this orb, think about the possibility of world peace. The series of seven rings represent the continents and oceans.”

While I would love to imagine that this toy could induce a meditative state in my darlings as they contemplate world peace, I fear that the reality is that they just think it’s cool!

Children can manipulate this wire and bead disk into different shapes or a sphere. Kids aren’t going to take this out at home and play for hours, but it is a good diversion for travel or restaurants and it is small enough to put in your purse.

Adults can’t resist picking it up either. A creative friend of mine actually wears one as a bracelet!

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