"Boxes" – or – "What Do TV-Free Kids Do Without Saturday Morning Cartoons?"

By , April 14, 2007 11:57 am

Today I am uninspired as to a post. Yesterday’s rather philosophical post (“Why Am I Doing This?”) wore out my few remaining brain cells.

People always ask me, what my kids do with their time without TV. So perhaps today I will just post some pictures about what my kids are up to these days with all those boxes I am saving for my future fame and fortune on Ebay. Who really needs all those pricey toys anyway?

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3 Responses to “"Boxes" – or – "What Do TV-Free Kids Do Without Saturday Morning Cartoons?"”

  1. wishy the writer says:

    I love these photos! So different from the “boxes” many kids are paying attention to on Saturday mornings! My very-low-TV, if not TV-free, brother always tells his kids to “BEWARE THE BOX!” He wants them to be aware of what a life-sucking device the television can be! Well, I don’t think the boxes of your unplugged kids would worry my brother one bit!

    Thanks for sharing!



  2. The Lazy Organizer says:

    Wonderful! We are TV free too and have been for about nine years, the age of my oldest child. I did let them watch movies (once in a while) for years but we have phased that almost completely out too.

    My kid’s best friends are bugs, sticks and mud. Much better than the evil boxes!


  3. nina says:

    Good to read that I am not the only one saving boxes for possible ebay sales. lol. The interior photo of the box is darling. My dd3 hasn’t really started creating a world from boxes. She mostly plays with the band of ten monkeys that follow her everywhere.


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