My Big Book Of Everything (Roger Priddy, DK Publishing)

By , April 1, 2007 3:24 pm

I discovered this book at Chinaberry about five years ago, when my oldest daughter was one. She LOVED it, then my son LOVED it, in fact this book was starting to be loved to pieces.

Just as my youngest daughter is getting to the age where books are of interest, I was fortunate enough recently to find a brand new hardcover copy of it in our grocery store bargain book bin for about $5.00! I snapped it up and now we have a nice new copy for the baby.

Like all DK books, the photos are simple and colorful. This book is arranged into 33 chapters such as “Around The Home,” “Clothes,” “Noises,” “Me And My Body.” Each chapter consists of one or two pages of many fascinating photos related to that topic, each with a one word caption.

The pictures in this book promise hours of investigation and learning opportunities for many ages. Little ones like looking at the pictures while being told what it is. Older children might try to read the accompanying word.

I am looking forward to watching a third child thoroughly enjoy every picture in this book!

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