Weirdness Wednesday

By , March 28, 2007 11:14 am

Here’s one for you: Baby Disco Parties.

My friend Amy, who’s favorite form of procrastination is researching for my blog (thanks Amy!!), found this one at Lynne Griffin’s blog, her post is called Baby Loves Quiet.

Apparently parent-child dance parties are now taking place at a club near you. Hurry up! Wake baby from his nap, put on his best baby spandex and head on over for an afternoon of ear-shattering music, dancing, smoking, and boozing with baby! Cool! Kind of like Music Together or Gymboree on steroids (and with a few margaritas for Mom).

OK, am I weird? Does this sound fun? Lynne has already covered the “harmful to baby” angle quite nicely in her post so I won’t even go there. But my question to you is the following: does boogieing with an overstimulated, overtired, and possibly frightened baby sound like a great afternoon to you?

And what I really want to know, is where do you change the diaper? I have never been in a club that sported changing tables in the bathrooms. Ashtrays and condom machines yes, changing tables – no. My club experience is somewhat limited, so maybe I have just never been to the right sort of club.

So grab that little sleepy-head and let’s go clubbing! We’ll show baby what a good time is really like!

2 Responses to “Weirdness Wednesday”

  1. Jen says:

    I believe this started in Boulder (near me). It’s not full clubbing, as I understand it. It’s music and fun, and safe enough to bring the kiddos. No smoking, at least not in completely-smoke-free-Boulder. I’ve never gone, then again, I’ve never been to a club either, so I’m not really the demographic they want. LOL!

  2. Mom of three says:

    Thanks for the reality check on this one Jen. This was all new to me (but then I sometimes think I live under a rock). I have been to some clubs in my youth and they are not exactly spots I would pick for a fun family “play date.” Maybe it is not as seedy as it sounds, but I was quite enjoying the whole babies-in-spandex-bopping-under-the-
    smokey-laser-lights-with-drunk-parents image!

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