Worm Bin Update – NO VACANCY

By , June 24, 2009 10:12 pm

(WARNING:  If you don’t like worms, then skip this post!)

It was a very thrilling day today – our 2 lb. bag of Red Wigglers finally arrived!!

The Fedex driver had probably never had a more excited welcome than he got this afternoon.  As my 8 year-old daughter put it:  “Now we have millions and millions of pets!!!”  Hmmm….not exactly what we need with 9 cats, a dog, 2 birds, 2 fish and a bunch of happily reproducing sea monkeys.

Here is the box of our very well traveled worms.  Did Fedex know what they had in here?

The worms arrived nicely packed in a brown paper bag.

We opened the bag…

… and this is what we saw:

After holding a few worm friends:

And discovering an egg:

We gently tipped them into our “Worm Hotel” and tossed some of the damp newspaper on top of them.

Next came food.  We were certain that they were hungry after their very long trip, the sort of trip that most worms never have to make.

The menu consisted of a medley of carrot peels, followed by leftover bok choi greens and brown rice, with some tea leaves for dessert:

We hope that our new pets will be very happy and produce a great deal of lovely, rich poop castings to transform our nasty clay soil into gorgeous, moist, nutrient-filled humus.

NOTE:   To see how we made our worm bin, please visit our “Slippery” Unplugged Project post.

UPDATE:  Harvesting the worm bin (it took only 8 weeks to make a gallon of lovely compost).


5 Responses to “Worm Bin Update – NO VACANCY”

  1. alecat says:

    I’m so glad you’ve been posting about worm farming. I need as much information as possible so we can start ours soon. I’m hoping the old bathtub we pulled out will be useful.

    When you have time, please pop by my blog. I really enjoy reading your entries and would like to share an award with you. :)


  2. Alex says:

    When I had a worm bin with kiddos, we would put all of the food from each day in one corner, rotating clockwise. Then every 4th day we could see how much was eaten/decomposed! Just an idea to try…

  3. PJ Kaiser says:

    I love your worm post! We recently had some worms thrust upon us from a science class that my son did. I was very reluctant at first, but now I sort of like the little guys. We can’t have them outside because they’re southern worms and we live in NJ, so I have them in a bin next to our trash can. I’m working up my courage to sift out the soil and give the little guys some fresh dirt. My son loves them and wants to look at them all the time. Enjoy!
    .-= PJ Kaiser´s last blog ..Bloggers Unite for a Free Iran – 6/29 =-.

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