Birthday Cupcake Candles – Update

By , December 10, 2008 8:24 pm

I promised an update on these candles (that we made out of old crayon bits) once we had tried burning them, so here it is!

Actually I had promised it the following day, but – oops…didn’t quite get to it until now, nearly two months later.  Oh well, never let it be said that I blog more than I live (not at the moment anyway).

As you can see, we had a truly lovely candlelight dinner with our cupcake candles:

I had hoped that the “cupcake” portion might continue to burn after the birthday candle was gone, but it didn’t. I expect that if you mixed some real candle-making wax in here along with a few crayons for color, they might burn longer.

But on the plus side, now we have some wonderful, chunky, cupcake-shaped crayons that the children are enjoying tremendously!

Link to my wax themed Unplugged Project post:  Birthday Cupcake Candles.

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