Strangeness in my Garden

By , August 12, 2007 12:40 pm

It is always exciting to return from a long trip to see what has developed in the garden. While I was away, there was A LOT of rain which caused much growth, and also a few unexpected oddities.

There was so much rain that the dropped seeds from my bird feeders have sprouted in the crevices of the deck (there is no soil in there!):

Strange alien mushrooms that look like they could have descended from outer space have begun their world invasion by taking over my garden. Here is one trying to swallow up a lavender:

A few plants grew so much that I hardly recognized them at all. Look at this Mme. Alfred Carriere climbing rose. I planted it at the end of May as a bare root rose, much like this one:

On June 24th it looked like this:

I returned home after one month away to find this monster:

It is supposed to be able to grow to 15 feet tall. I found that a little hard to believe judging by its humble beginnings, but I am a believer now! I guess I’d better find a spot in the ground for it…and fast!

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3 Responses to “Strangeness in my Garden”

  1. Gattina says:

    You are back too ! I only spend a week with my friends in England but had a computer in my room so that I used it every morning when everybody was still asleep ! Yes, weeds grow everywhere and plants never where they should, lol ! My little Rosie has become a big girl of 3 months if you see her now ! She still is a very good kitten and behaves very good. No furnitere scratching so far.

  2. cloudscome says:

    Welcome home! That rose looks great. My garden is parched and scraggly this week so I posted pictures of a butterfly festival we went to instead.

  3. Jenny says:

    I love it when plants spring up wild from birdseed. I had a “crop” of sunflowers this year because of that. I can’t believe how much your rose grew while you were gone- what a lovely homecoming!

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