White Slipcovers

By , May 23, 2007 10:56 am

I did a silly thing.

With child number three, we finally outgrew our small kitchen table. I ordered this great table with the green chairs from West Elm. The table arrived and I LOVE it! It looks fabulous in my green kitchen area and is nice and big for meals, homework, projects (clutter), etc.

But…I ordered the cushions too. The chair cushions are a lovely, minimalist white. WHAT WAS I THINKING??? They have washable covers, but do I really want to be removing cushion covers and washing them every day? I have enough daily laundry to do without adding more to it. Plus, what about spaghetti sauce? Will that come out or will I need to dye the covers red to match the stains? Maybe we should just eat white food from now on. Potatoes, pasta, milk, ice cream (vanilla)…

This reminds me of one of my pet peeves. Decorating magazines that feature “families” with cute little blonde curly-haired angels running around the immaculate garden in adorable white outfits. These families always have elegant minimalist living rooms in varying shades of white with sisal rugs. The room is completely decorated with “flea market finds” and boasts (and this is the kicker) a WHITE SLIPCOVERED SOFA on which the family greyhound is reclining comfortably.

The glamorous, yet natural-looking mother always offers up some savvy decorating wisdom, such as: “Seek out flea market pieces that have good bones.” Or, “I like to decorate with white slipcovers because you can just pull them off and throw them in the wash!” With a house full of toddlers and sofa-sleeping greyhounds, this mother (or her maid) must be washing her slipcovers five times a day.

My slipcovers would be living in my laundry room. My sisal rug would have cat barf on it (How does one clean cat vomit out of the fibers of a sisal rug anyhow? With a toothbrush?). Do Lazy-Boy recliners have “good bones?” Where do I find a flea market near me? We have garage sales, thrift stores and a “swap meet,” but unless your decorating style is “Early Salvation Army” or involves antlers, you might be a bit disappointed with the availability of elegant antique bargains where I live.

So, this brings me back to my dilemma. What do I do with white kitchen chair cushions? I am simply not as brave as those “magazine moms.” Mine are in a box in the attic to be brought out when my children are in college.

PS. I thought about cleaning off the table for the photo, but decided that it was more interesting to simply capture a moment in time from a “real mom’s” house. I hope you appreciate my honesty.

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  1. nina says:

    Goodness, you totally hit the nail on the head. We must have read the same articles because those women do say things like that. I’ve actually known women featured in those magazines (not persoanlly but by neighborhood association, me on the poor end.) Anyway, they do have maids and husbands that make at least $250,000 (midwest) a year. Knowing that puts in all in perspective for me.

    I love the table especially the design of the chairs. I like the photo as well. It does capture an authentic quality.

  2. Jen says:

    Your table looks better than mine. : )
    Plastic, plastic, plastic. Which is a lot of fun in the summer, you get to see the kids rip tush skin off after dinner. ; )
    Skip the cushions, they’ll just be thrown around.
    As for the decorating articles, I don’t read them ’cause I don’t need that kind of pressure. LOL

  3. wishy the writer says:

    Hey, what do those magazine moms have on you? You have a magazine on your table that appears to defy gravity, resting there in midair without fluttering to the ground! That’s WAY more impressive than clean kids in white linen!

  4. Mom Unplugged says:

    Wishy –

    I think the magazine must be stuck to a glob of jam.

    -Mom Unplugged

  5. Mimi Lenox says:

    Yea…….that flying magazine thing is kinda spooky.

  6. Cheryl says:

    wanna know aht’s really scary? I once bought a white couch. What was I thinking? Luckily the couch failed to ever be delivered without marks already on it. The fourht time it went back we got the message, and chose another fabric.

    As for the design mags and prestine family members in white? It’s all for the camera baby, all for the camera.


  7. Deana says:

    I love your new table and chairs.

    I don’t even have kids but with the cats and my nephews and niece coming over often I haven’t even put white slip covers on the chairs I’ve been wanting covered for weeks now in our main living room. White would look great but I know it wouldn’t last!

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