7 Songs That Drive Me Crazy!

By , May 15, 2007 11:24 pm

I have been tagged again by Jen of Never A Dull Moment. Thank you Jen! Actually, poor Jen tagged me about a month ago, but this post has been so painful to write that I have been doing it in small stages.

I am supposed to tell you all what seven songs get stuck in my head and repeat themselves mercilessly until I am on the very brink of insanity (at least closer than I usually am).

So… here it is. In order for you to truly feel my pain, I kindly provide links to all the songs if I could find them (or sometimes just excerpts). Click the names to hear them…if you dare!

1. Push It (by that oh so unforgettably talented group Salt ‘N Peppa) – This song represents for me 80′s college dorm-life-nightmare-hell. My senior year of college there were two charming young ladies down the hall who played this song over, and over, and over, and…well, you finish the sequence here! Once heard, never forgotten. No matter how much you hate it, you will never get it out of your brain!!! It has continued to haunt me in bizarre places my entire life. The weirdest was in India while careening pell-mell through Delhi in a rickety, tumble-down taxi, fearing for my life. What comes on the, unfortunately-for-me, functioning radio? Push It. All I could think was “Oh no, this is the last song I will ever hear before I die!”

2. Another One Bites The Dust (Queen) – This one brings back good memories of the high school marching band bus on the way home after beating a “big shot band” in a competition (we were very much the underdogs except for one astonishing and inexplicable year of extreme excellence). For this reason, I actually like the song, but something about that refrain “boom boom boom…another one bites the dust!” sticks with me like a MacDonald’s Big Mac.

3. This is my husband’s pick: Proud Mary (Creedence Clearwater) – While visiting a friend’s house the teen band next door was banging out Proud Mary, not very well. My husband made some comment about how it was a cool song and would be good once they “got” it. The friend, looking wild-eyed and aghast, said “No, you don’t understand, this is their [the teen band's] first and only song, they have been practicing it non-stop for two weeks!!!! I sympathize.

4. My sister has a story too. Picture a cross-country trip one hot summer in the 1970′s in an un-airconditioned car equipped with only an AM-radio: The Candy Man (Sammy Davis Jr.) and A Horse With No Name by America (Remember?? “I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name…”). Enough said.

5. I am stealing this one from Jen who already picked it, but no annoying song list could be complete without It’s A Small World. There is no way that I could possibly match Jen’s hilarious description of the song and the ride of the same name at Disney, so I will be lazy and tell you to go read her words (her #2)! By the way, If you are really into self torture, please click my link (be brave Jen – do it, you know you want to!!). It is an up-tempo, somewhat “polka-esque” version, featuring an electronic organ with a few other instruments thrown in at “witty” moments.

6. How about 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall? Apparently the modern, more politically correct version is 99 Bottles of Pop on the Wall. Whether about beer or pop, this song could certainly make any bus driver commit suicide. Fond high school band memories again. I mean the annoying song sung COMPLETELY 10 times in a row…not the dead bus driver.

7. My last selection may not be well-known in the US: Live is Life (Opus). I first had the good fortune to “experience” this song living abroad in France when it was broadcast full blast right outside my apartment window…over, and over, and over again for several days at some sort of loud market that was visiting. If you have never heard it, please click the link to hear the excerpt so that you may truly appreciate my misery. Some other unforgettables from my years in France are: Da Da Da (Trio) and I Eat Cannibals (Toto Coelo – Total Coelo in the US). Sorry – but the link to I Eat Cannibals is via Amazon and will require slightly more work on your part. Well worth it though since it is truly, mind numbingly awful!

Wow, what an emotional journey. No wonder it took me a month to write, I may never be the same again!

I tag Wishy of Wishy The Writer (as in Wishy, proud member of the local CSA while I, Mom Unplugged, am a proud member of the local Flaccid Celery Club (FCC)). I tag only Wishy, since she is the sole blogger that I know well enough to put through this kind of torment (any other volunteers out there?). Sorry Wishy, just consider it revenge for your CSA!

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