Days 2 & 3 – Great Diaper Challenge

By , April 9, 2007 11:01 am

We have been doing pretty well with the gDiapers. So far they have all flushed without incident and the wet ones are going in our compost bin. I am getting used to the process of assembly and diapering. It would be a bit easier to do up those velcro fasteners in the back if I didn’t have such a squirmy baby to contend with, but she resists lying still no matter what sort of diaper we are using!

The only problem we have encountered so far is diaper rash. Perhaps my baby is not the ideal test subject since she has always had very sensitive skin. I have never even been able to use baby wipes on her as even the most gentle varieties cause an immediate rash (we have to use a wash cloth). So, whether she is sensitive to the actual substance that the flushable liner is made of, or whether they just don’t “breath” quite as well as disposables, I don’t know. Hopefully it is simply a matter of more frequent changes.

We are taking a break from the gDiapers at the moment until her bottom improves. Then, we will try again with more frequent changes and see if that helps. But overall, I am very impressed with the performance and flushability of the diapers.

Today I post photos of the contents of the starter kit as well as the assembly process. With the starter kit you get two pairs of “little g” pants, two nylon liners, 10 flushable inserts, a “swish stick,” a suction cup to hang the swishstick near the toilet, and an instruction booklet.

First you snap a nylon liner into the pants (see close-up of snap). Then, you place an absorbent pad into the liner, smoothing it into place and creating a u-shape. Lastly, the whole thing goes on baby and the velcro fastens at the back (away from curious little hands that might like to undo it!).

If you live in a less remote area than I do, you can apparently buy the gDiapers at Wild Oats or Whole Foods, plus some other natural foods stores (see online store guide). Unfortunately I have to order mine, which of course means paying shipping. But, if we can get over the rash issue, then I intend to continue with them despite having to order them.

Finally, I have been asked a question about sizing. Small pants are for 6 to 12 lbs, medium are for 13 to 26 lbs, and large fit 27 to 35 lbs. My little girl weighed in at 22 lbs at her 12 month check-up (3 months ago) so I ordered medium. I am not sure about her weight right now (we will soon have the 15 month check-up and find out), but I would say that she will be moving up to the large size pretty soon. You don’t want the pants to be too big, otherwise they will be prone to leaks, however those velcro tabs are seeming a little short right now. If you have a very large child, then I suppose it would be possible to outgrow even the large size before toilet training occurs. If there is a need, perhaps they will eventually make an extra-large size.

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3 Responses to “Days 2 & 3 – Great Diaper Challenge”

  1. Bon says:

    very neat. i’d never heard of these and will have to google to see if i can get ’em in Canada.

    we’ve been using a weird combo of cloth & disposable for months now…some old handmedown traditional cloth ones finally got traded in for a swanky new set of Happy Heinies and Fuzzibunz and i love ’em…but our heavy wetter still pees on through em if he’s in the car or stroller for a long time, so we use disposables for that. we have some flushable liners that came on a toilet paper-type roll from Sears that catch the worst of the mess, too.

    i’m always interested to see what others are doing…thanks for putting your diaper challenge out there. :)

  2. Mom of three says:

    Check their website: I would imagine they are probably available in Canada. If not, then you could always order them online like I do.

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