Day 1 – Great Diaper Challenge

By , April 7, 2007 8:59 am

OK, I was really hoping for a more gentle learning curve with the flushable diapers, however the baby had a “gastric relapse” yesterday afternoon so, not to be too graphic, we had a maximum experience for our first diaper. Actually, it was not too bad.

Let me explain how it works. There is a cloth outerpant with velcro tabs (see photo). Inside the pants there is a plastic liner that secures in there with snaps. Inside that is where you put the absorbent liner. It was not hard to put on, despite a wriggly, uncooperative baby.

Due to the “situation” that we had, we had a bit of leakage into the plastic liner, but it did not make it to the cloth pants (which, incidentally, was better than the disposables where many times with “tummy upset” it has ended up on the crib sheet). Both the cloth outer pants and the plastic liner are machine washable, so no big deal.

Now, what you have all been waiting for: “The Flush Report!” As I mentioned, we were experiencing perhaps our “most challenged” situation, but I tried not to panic, followed the instructions, and it flushed. According to gDiapers, one of the primary rules, is “know thy toilet.” One of our three toilets tends to be a bit persnickety, so I will avoid that one. But otherwise, our toilets are pretty much middle of the road kind of toilets, and it flushed.

That is our preliminary report. I have not tried nighttime yet. We did a disposable last night. It is advised to consult the website for tips on night diapering, so maybe I will check on that today if I have time. We shall see how it all goes today and I will report back.


Day 1 = success
Plungings = 0
Calls To Plumber = 0

Diaper Central = signing off

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  1. nina says:

    Thanks for the report. I look forward to more info in the future. Right now, I am still planning to use them when we bring our son home. He is a big boy, 19 at 5 months. Can you comment on the size. Do you think the sizing is accurate? Thanks again.

  2. Mom of three says:

    I’d say that the sizing may be a little on the small side. We are in medium and my baby is probably a few pounds less than the 26 lb maximum weight, but I feel we will need to move up to large soon. For more on this, see today’s post (4/9/07)

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