Happy April 1st!

By , April 1, 2007 10:58 am

Today we have decided to get TV. The satelite kind with 500 channels. APRIL FOOLS!!!

April 1st is here already which means that warmer weather is on the way…gardening will soon begin…and Spring Break is almost over! Yipee! How do you homeschooling Moms do it?

Our week started off fairly stressfully. The kids were getting used to being home all day, and I was dealing with a sick, whiny baby and habituating myself to constant noise, chaos, and “Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom….” I meant to get out my “Mom-Clicker ” (see my post – The M-word) for a Spring Break Mom-Tabulation, but never quite got around to it.

As the days wore on however, we all settled down. The weather was mostly too cold for outside play, and the baby was sick so no friends could come over to play for risk of infection. The kids built kitchen chair playgrounds and sofa forts, set up a “Bead-Shop” and “sold” me beads (see today’s photo). Click here to see what they did yesterday morning.

We tidied the terrible Clutter Pits that they call their rooms. Usually I find that it is best to do this when they are absent so certain items can “disappear” gracefully, if you know what I mean. But this time I couldn’t stand it anymore and waiting until next week was not an option for my mental health. My 6 year-old daughter surprisingly must have been in a tidy-up mood (for the first time ever) and agreed to part with two giant boxes full of stuff to donate!

Tomorrow we will be back to normal. Breakfast, getting dressed, making lunches, driving to school, then…silence, wonderful silence!

This is the way we spend our time without TV. Sometimes, after 99 “moms” or so, I would just like to be able to send them away to watch something and leave me alone, but I am glad that we choose not to do that. Life seems much more “right” this way, with the Bead Shops and sofa torture!

2 Responses to “Happy April 1st!”

  1. Bon says:


    we’re not exactly unplugged, but our twelve year old, two channel tv doesn’t really cut it much so we’re pretty low on tv-watching, which i hope will encourage O to do other things as he gets bigger.

    we are, however, a three-computer family, so screen time is something i’m a bit worried about, even if it ain’t tv.

  2. Mom of three says:

    Well, obviously I am not totally unplugged either! “Unplug Your Kids” just sounded better than “Unplug Your Kids Except For The Computer.” I do try to limit our computer time though.

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