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Zigity (a Cranium game)

By , December 1, 2007 9:06 pm

We had a family game night tonight with a card game (by Cranium) that my 7 year-old daughter got last Christmas from a friend. It is a game that we had not really focused on before.

Zigity is such a cool card game! It is supposed to be for ages 8 to adult, but my 5 year-old, 7 year-old and two adults played happily together without problem (the 5 year-old enjoyed it, but needed some assistance though).

The play is a bit like Crazy 8′s or Uno, but instead of just matching cards, players must complete certain puzzles at each turn. Puzzles involve either matching images, completing a visual puzzle, forming words, or adding numbers.

It is really quite educational and fun (and challenging) for adults too! Always a HUGE plus in my book. The cards are made of a transparent plastic which adds to the “wow factor.”

This is a game that is very unpredictable. It involves just the right proportions of skill, strategy and luck to make it interesting and fun for all ages. A player with one card left really has just as much chance of winning (ie. getting rid of all their cards) as one with 6 cards left!

If kids can’t spell simple words yet or do addition, then they will need some help. But we had no problem playing with my kindergarten-aged son. I just looked at his cards and helped him when he needed it. And once, he actually beat us all!

I highly recommend this card game. It would even make a great stocking stuffer, which is always nice.

Some More Toy Shopping Temptations…

By , November 30, 2007 10:46 pm

A couple more Unplugged Toy Stores I have found:

Kid Bean (Organic and vegan toys, clothing and products) – TOYS: Wooden toys, cooperative games, organic cotton stuffed toys and dolls, and arts and crafts supplies.

The Silly Wagon (Boutiquey-type stuff: clothing, toys, decor, accessories, etc.) – TOYS: Wooden toys, arts and crafts, plush and handcrafted. (Exudes a bit of a trendy boutique air, but I thought some of the prices weren’t too bad compared to similar items at other stores, and there were some toys and clothes that I would buy).

Palumba (Natural and Waldorf toys) – TOYS: Large assortment of wood toys, playsilks, dolls, pretend play, arts and crafts, etc.

Gosh, there are really a lot of stores out there, but some of them are just too style-conscious or too expensive for me. If I can’t find a toy that I would buy at the price they are asking, then it doesn’t make my cut. If I feel that it is all more about “trendy baby/mama” then it doesn’t make it either.

Be sure to check for coupon codes here before considering any purchase!

Treasure Trove of Coupon Codes!!!

By , November 29, 2007 10:06 pm

OK, instead of my early bed, I have been doing a little online shopping from some Unplugged Toy Stores. But I have just discovered a huge resource for coupon codes for some of these stores (as well as a few others that are not (yet) on my list). I have to share this link with you:

Go to this motheringdotcommune thread and read the messages. There are some great codes for some wonderful stores! I am so excited!

I used one for Quiet Hours Toys and it worked like a charm.

Happy shopping!

Zoo Children Picture Cubes (Selecta, Made in Germany)

By , November 14, 2007 8:19 pm

This is one that I don’t have yet, but that I am planning on buying for my almost 2 year-old for Christmas.

I like these wooden cube puzzles and we have had several of them, but usually the pictures are simply paper that is glued on to the block (including one that was a Melissa & Doug, I was very disappointed). Trust me, that never lasts long. Selecta doesn’t glue the image on, they use some sort of a transfer that doesn’t seem like it will ever come off (we have a few Selecta games with images on wooden tiles so I know how they do it and that it lasts).

Do the math, and you will find that these four cubes can make six different cute pictures. If you want to see them all, then click on the Amazon link.

Plus…Selecta toys are made in Germany. Need I say more?

Curious George Contains Curious Paint

By , November 9, 2007 10:27 am

I am not happy that my blog seems to be turning into an extension of the CPSC Toy Recall page, but I do feel the need to spread the word to other parents who might be as uninformed as I usually am.

My bloggy friend Heather, aka Celtic Mommy, emailed me this morning about this new recall that she found (thank you!). If your child has a Curious George stuffed toy, then you had better check it out. Five different ones are recalled, not just the one in my photo.

Hopefully you won’t be having to tear a favorite lovey out of your sobbing child’s arms. How sad.

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