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The Birds Do It, The Bees Do It, Even The Itty Bitty Sea Monkeys Do It…

By , September 24, 2007 11:37 am


The other day my 7 year-old daughter went to feed the sea monkeys and yelled to me: “Hey Mom! Come here, I have to show you something really interesting!” As I approached my daughter whose eyes were riveted on the sea monkey tank, she said, “Look Mom, they’re stuck together! Why are they stuck together?”

I look, and sure enough, two sea monkeys were “stuck together.” (Please refer to the *x*-r@ted sea monkey photo – sorry it is a bit blurry but it is not easy photographing mating sea monkeys, especially with a mediocre digital camera).

I attempt to mutter some lie about how I am really not sure why they are stuck together when my daughter spots some nearly microscopic babies swimming near the bottom of the tank, which successfully divert her attention from the attached sea monkeys.

OK. We clearly have sea monkey hanky panky going on here. Wild sea monkey o*gies* are taking place in my home but I am simply not ready to be explaining to my 7 year-old why the sea monkeys are “stuck together.” Honestly, the fact that sea monkeys ever even would be “stuck together” is news to me. That shows how much I know!

But, having no life and being of a nerdy mentality I had to know more. After the kids had gone to bed and I was free to research naughty sea monkey behaviors without fear of being discovered, I started to check it all out online. Here are the Sea Monkey Facts of Life as I interpret them from what I have spent way too much time researching:

– Sea monkeys are either male or female, not hermaphrodite like worms for example.

– If no willing mate is available, then a female can reproduce without fertilization of her eggs, called parthenogenesis, “self-conception” (my Sea Monkey females seem to have plenty of willing males to help them out however).

– Males have a long traily tail and females of breeding age have a visible egg sack (I just thought they were constipated…oops).

– Males sometimes compete with each other to be favored by an eligible female (Wow! Just like human males!)

– The mating thing takes a long time (I can tell you that from my own observations) – sometimes several weeks according to this site!

– If the conditions are not really right for the hatching of the eggs (water temperature too cold for example), the eggs can live on indefinitely without hatching. They will hatch when the optimum conditions occur.

– The eggs can actually sometimes hatch inside the female in which case the female gives birth to the babies at the bottom of the tank. (Can she have an epidural?)

Want more sea monkey dirt? Then check out these informative sites:

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– (“Sea Monkey Reproduction” at The Official Sea Monkey Website)

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