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Thankful (Weekly Unplugged Project)

By , November 25, 2007 8:45 pm

This week’s theme for the Unplugged Project was “Thankful.”

This project tied in nicely with my oldest daughter’s ambitions to raise money for her class. The class is trying to buy some animals from Heifer International to benefit a village in Africa and each child must figure out a way to raise some money towards this project. My daughter decided to make Christmas ornaments and intends to set up a “Christmas Ornament Stand” at the end of our driveway (more on the success – or lack thereof – in a future post). But these few days off from school were spent making Christmas ornaments.

We made a dough out of corn starch, salt and water and rolled it out (recipe from The Toddlers Busy Book). We cut out shapes with cookie cutters while the baby rolled some dough around on the table:

We let the ornaments dry overnight and the next day, we decorated them with paint pens and glitter glue.

I haven’t tried this dough before and am a bit dubious as to its strength, so I think I’ll get a clear enamel spray of some sort from the art supply store and we’ll spray the ornaments tomorrow. It was fun though. Here are the results:

I thought it would be nice to make a few ornaments to keep for ourselves that the children could decorate and I would write on them what they tell me they are thankful for. Here they are:

My 5 year-old son is thankful for “Life” and “Animals” and my 7 year-old daughter is thankful for “Family Life” and “Trees.” They had lots of other ideas and wanted me to write these long, descriptive sentences on the ornaments, but unfortunately there wasn’t room for much, so I had to get them to pare down their thoughts a bit.

I put their names and the year on the backs. We’ll string ribbons through them and hang them on the tree for as many years as they last.

What was your “Thankful Project?” If you joined in this week, please leave your link in Mr. Linky so we can find you!


I am still trying to figure all this out. Some people like vague ideas, and those ideas do work for all ages, but others like specific ideas. Perhaps this week I shall propose two related ideas, one vague and one specific. Let’s see how that goes.

Next Monday’s theme is “Paper.”

Or if you prefer:

Water Paper Painting:

  • Wet some paper down with a paintbrush. Have your child (or you!) draw on it with paints or magic markers and see what happens.

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