Totally Cute Lacing Toys

By , February 7, 2008 9:31 pm

Weekly Toy Recommendation:

I once recommended one of our favorite travel toys, this wooden lacing block. But I recently stumbled upon these two adorable little wooden lacing blocks that might also be fun for little ones! You have a choice between the Apple or the Beehive.

Little fingers love to thread laces in and out of holes, or simply explore the holes with fingers alone. The wooden “needle” is firmly attached to the block by the thick lace so it can’t be lost or easily used as a weapon against sister (although I am sure some might try, I know my son has).

Of course lacing toys promote the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Plus kids just find them fun!

These two little ones are made by the same manufacturer as our very sturdy block that has now made it to child number three after a very hard life in the car/restaurant toy bag. So hopefully this model will prove to be as durable.

One point to consider: Although they seem like high quality toys, until I see evidence to the contrary, my guess is that they are probably made in China. If the paint makes you nervous, then I would urge you to consider our less cute original one that is natural wood (except for the lacing needle which is painted). I’ll put in a link below.

You can also find some slightly more expensive, but very nice lacing toys made in Europe or the US by searching through some of the Unplugged Toystores. For example, here is a cute ladybug made in Poland, or an apple (with attached needle) made with “food-grade” materials.

NOTE: I have to add this extremely cute lacing squirrel I just found!! – Made in Lithuania

Happy lacing!

4 Responses to “Totally Cute Lacing Toys”

  1. Jenny says:

    I was just thinking that CJ needed some lacing cards, so I’m glad that you posted about these too. I really like the apple- now to decide between it and the cards…

  2. greenemother says:

    Oh, Emma loves lacing toys. For her bday this year, a dear friend gave her 4 lacing wooden toys. A dog, a cat, a cow, and a horse and at 2 she seems to have no problem doing them. The threads are shoe laces so they go through the holes with ease. It’s one of those toys that people have forgotten about, but as soon as they see it they want to try. Great also for focus and concentration!

  3. Gwyn says:

    Hey – I can access this new domain without any problems -awesome – I look forward to your projects!

  4. kristin says:

    just visiting for the first time…this caught my eye because we just did this as a preschool project (i am a director/teacher of a non-profit)…the kids helped drill holes in a block of wood, then lace their own yarn through…ah, joy!

    thanks for your work here, eager to read more.

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