Activity Idea: Shadows

By , July 14, 2007 8:22 am

A dog? A deer? A rabbit? An ostrich? An ostrich!!! Yes! that’s what it is!!!

A dog? A deer? A crocodile? Our dog Belle? Hmmm……….

I was recently reminded of the fun ancient “unplugged activity” of casting hand shadows on the wall. My kids had never seen this before, but REALLY enjoyed it. I made these up myself, but if you really want to get into it, here are some web and book resources!


Shadow Puppets: Designing, Building, and Performing

Hand Shadows to be Thrown Upon the Wall
(Henry Bursill), a free, public domain downloadable e-book from the 19th century (from Project Gutenberg) – or buy it in real book form below from Amazon

Exploring Shadow Puppets

Make a Shadow Puppet Theatre

What Changes a Shadow’s Size
(science experiments from NASA’s Kids’ Science News Network)


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14 Responses to “Activity Idea: Shadows”

  1. Dragonheart says:

    Fun photos! :) Those hand shadows look very cool. :) Nice choice for the theme this week. :)


  2. Teena says:

    Looks like you had some fun with this one :)

    Mine’s up too.


  3. PowersTwinB says:

    A perfect activity for unplugged shildren too! Great take on the theme. My photo is up please come and visit


  4. Kissedalotatoads says:

    Used to do those all the time growing up and had so much fun. Great photos and thanks for sharing.


  5. tegdirb92 says:

    what a great shadow show :) Happy Saturday.


  6. Linda says:

    Aren’t shadow puppets just the most fun to make? They can be so many different things!


  7. Kimo & Sabi says:

    Them was furry good shadow puppets – can you do cats? Hmmm…maybe you need a cat.


  8. tray says:

    ooh! thanks for the link! *goes to study up*


  9. Paulie says:

    Nice to introduce future generations to something some of us took for granted growing up.

    Come see mine.


  10. meeyauw says:

    A giraffe! I bet it is.

    I have to teach Wingnut these (if I can remember them!)

    Great post (again!).


  11. CRIZ LAI says:

    Nice introduction with the books. Very nice shots for the shadow theme too. Have a nice weekend!


  12. SilverWillow says:

    I can remember when we used to do this while camping. The soft glow of the lantern would enable us to cast great shadow puppets. Wow, I love your direction on the theme with shadows, it brings back some wonderful memories.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and photo hunt also!


  13. Cats~Goats~Quotes says:

    Great shadows and a nice list of links about shadow puppets!!


  14. MC Milker says:

    Great take on the theme!


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