Mooncake (Frank Asch)

By , May 6, 2007 9:32 pm

At a garage sale, we stumbled upon the original hardcover version of this story and one of the other stories in this series, Moongame. My 6 year-old girl, but particularly my 4 year-old boy love these!

Mooncake is the story of a bear who wants to taste the moon. He builds a rocket ship out of junk, falls asleep during “launch” and wakes up during the winter thinking he is on the moon (since bears normally hibernate, he has never before seen snow).

This simple tale subtly introduces the concepts of hibernation, bird migration, and the seasons. Plus, the relationship between bear and his little bird friend is sweet.

The illustrations are very basic and use only a few colors, but the story seems to captivate!

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