Book & Bake Sale for Haiti

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That’s how much a class of thirteen 6 to 9 year-olds raised for

Partners in Health’s Haiti relief fund

with a simple Book & Bake Sale!

If they can do it, you can do it too!

How they did it:

Two weeks ahead of time:

  • They hung a sign on the school door asking for donations of books and baked goods for our Haiti fundraiser.
  • They placed an empty box in the school entryway for collecting the books.
  • They also put a sealed box in the lobby for any impromptu donations.

Day before, set-up:

  • The day before the sale they accepted baked goods.
  • After school they sorted the books into children and adult piles.
  • They organized the children’s books into separate boxes and baskets based on level (picture books, readers, chapter books).
  • Everything was set up on tables in our tiny school entryway with a simple pricing system posted.

The Sale:

  • The morning of the sale, they set up the baked goods outside the door on a table (it was so cold and snowy that there was no danger of spoilage!).
  • The school is on a side street, so they put out a sign on the main road nearby.  They also put signs in the grocery store and the library.  All signs said clearly that proceeds would be for Haiti.
  • The sealed box went to a prominent location on the book table, with a basket nearby with a few small bills and coins for making change.
  • They hung a Haitian flag and also posted some information about Partners in Health so any interested people could read more about where their money would be going.


  • I helped them sort through the leftover books and we separated the ones that were fairly recent and looked pretty new.
  • We took these “good” leftovers to our local bookstore so the owner could buy any that would work for her used book section. She ended up buying almost all of them, and even gave us more than her normal cash price since we were doing this for Haiti!  (Be sure to let a bookstore know that you are selling for Haiti)
  • The kids packed up the other books and we put them in storage for our annual school yard sale.


  • Practical math lesson:  The children counted the cash and were SO excited, especially when they found a $100 bill in the box!
  • Their teacher counted the checks for privacy reasons (NOTE:  For ease of accounting, we made sure people made their checks out directly to Partners in Health and not to our school).
  • I took the cash to the bank and traded it in for a cashiers check made out to Partners in Health.

And voilà!  Not a whole lot of effort really, but now we have a nice donation to send off to Partners in Health and the kids feel GREAT!

Why not try it with your school?

Stand With Haiti

For more fundraising ideas, please read Help Your Kids Help Haiti.

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