Happy Holidays!

By , December 23, 2009 12:28 pm

No I have not fallen off the planet. It seems I have taken a bit of a blog break though.

I’ve been doing lots of winter nesting at home as well as attending plays, concerts and events at my children’s school.

The annual class Heifer International bake sale brought in $870!! Bravo class!

All that baking, clapping and driving kids around has left me with little time or energy to blog. But since I Blog Without Obligation and believe in living life first and blogging about it all last, I guess my priorities are in the right place.

We are having a lovely Christmassy snowy day here today in the Arizona mountains, a perfect day to lock myself in the bedroom and wrap presents.

Our tree came yet again from our empty lot next door, and like last year, is a bit of a Charlie Brown tree.  A tree “only a mother could love, lol!”  But it is actually quite beautiful in a delicate, spindly sort of way.

Today we’ll make some cookies. Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, is our Bird Christmas Day where we make edible ornaments to hang in our yard for the wild birds. They’ll be especially grateful this year since food must be hard to come by with all this snow.

Best wishes for a happy, relaxing, and meaningful holiday for you and your family!

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