Treasure Jars – The Letter “B” (Weekly Unplugged Project)

By , October 19, 2009 1:25 pm

The theme for this week’s Unplugged Project was “The Letter B.” We made treasure jars.  What is the relationship between treasure jars and “B”?  The children decorated their jars with dried beans and barley (and some of our colored rice, not “B,” but pretty!).  The Unplugged Project is as flexible as you need it to be.

I just gave the kids some white glue and the beans, barley and rice.  Then they chose jars from my packrat collection of “Useful Looking Jars” and went happily to work on their own while I made dinner.

By the way, this is a good toddler project too (great for exercising fine motor skills), as long as you don’t mind mess.  I recommend using a vinyl craft tablecloth and having a wet washcloth and a vacuum cleaner nearby.

Here are the results. My 3 year-old made the jar on the left, and my 9 year-old made the one on the right.  My 7 year-old son just made a big mess mixing things together, but he enjoyed himself.

I finished by spraying them with an acrylic coating to help keep things in place.

Remember, projects don’t have to be fancy or complicated to be fun!


If you did a “Letter B” Unplugged Project with us this week, then please link to your project post in the Linky below.  If you don’t have a blog, you can leave a comment with a description of what you did.  If you didn’t do a “Letter B” project, then please read about how to join in here, we’d love to have you!

The theme for next week’s Unplugged Project will be:


See you then!


10 Responses to “Treasure Jars – The Letter “B” (Weekly Unplugged Project)”

  1. Very pretty teasure jars!
    .-= almost unschoolers´s last blog ..Back and Forth Boredom Buster Bottle Game =-.

  2. Lymm says:

    We were away until recently and still recovering, but we did do a bear craft that I just posted about, so I’m linking up! Love your unplugged project themes so much.
    .-= Lymm´s last blog ..Winner (Vinyl Banner) =-.

  3. Sara E says:

    what a fun blog! I love this. I just found it from Casa Camacho’s blog.
    .-= Sara E´s last blog so want to know this… =-.

  4. Claire in Tasmania says:

    Hi! We joined in again but a bit late! My aunt’s turning 60 this weekend so we’ve made her a ‘B’irthday present – we’ve marbled paper using the shaving foam and food colouring method (They turned out so beautifully, I’m definitely going to do this again). 6 sheets laminated will be handmade place mats – using the laminator that we bought with money Aunty Ruth sent the kids for Christmas, making it a bit more special.
    There’s a few extra sheets, too, that we can use for wrapping paper or book marks or something.

  5. CJMom says:

    It’s funny! I was so sure I’d link and find that EVERYONE did collages! LOL! What creative ideas!
    .-= CJMom´s last blog ..The Letter B =-.

  6. Mom Unplugged says:

    You never know what you’ll find, that is why the more people who join in, the more fun it is.

  7. Mom Unplugged says:

    I have not yet tried the shaving cream method. We did it with oil and food coloring once, gorgeous results, but honestly they smelled a bit…well…oily after sitting around for a few months. I’ll have to give the shaving cream a go sometime. Glad it was a success!

  8. Mom Unplugged says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by, glad you like it!

  9. Claire in Tasmania says:

    I think it was definitely the way to go with a toddler. Anything else would have been too splashy. Two pieces of advice if you try it: If you’re like me and hate waste, try to make your cream really thin. I ended up making heaps more paper than I planned because I didn’t want all that cream to go to waste. Also, the instructions I found cautioned against mixing too much and making a horrible grey mess, but I think it’d take a lot of effort to achieve that. We kept adding more colour and more swirls with each new sheet of paper and it just looked better and better.
    Shaving cream smells, too – but quite nice. You can choose scented cream to make sweet-smelling wrapping paper :)

  10. Mom Unplugged says:

    Thank you for the advice on the shaving cream method, especially about the thin cream. I can see us with 350 sheets of marbled paper (so as not to have it go to waste) and not enough projects to use it all for!

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