Clothing – Dollhouse Rag Rug (Weekly Unplugged Project)

By , February 22, 2009 8:25 pm


The theme for this week’s Unplugged Project was clothing. We had a few ideas, but ultimately decided to experiment with weaving strips of fabric made from an old shirt.

First: the nasty shirt.

This is a shirt that had been a comfortable favorite of mine for quite some time. Too much time. It was stretched and shapeless and discolored.  Très chic, don’t you think?   I knew it was time for the shirt and I to part company. But since I didn’t even think it was in decent enough shape to donate, it was clearly a perfect candidate for shredding.

I cut the sleeves off, and then cut the shirt in half along the seams. I cut the side and bottom seams off, as well as the neck. I was left with two flat pieces of fabric.

The kids thought I had gone mad at first when they saw me cutting up my shirt, but then they got into the spirit of the moment and I had a hard time getting my cut up shirt back to finish the job!

We cut each section of the shirt into an oval shape and then began cutting it into a single spiral strip about 1/2 inch wide (approx 1.25 cm).

This was the result:

We wound the two lots of cloth into balls:

Next we got out our $2.00 picture frame loom. I warped it with the fabric by winding a single strip up and down around the nails.  I have seen this done, but … hmmm… I didn’t like it much.

This was an experiment. Next time, I would warp it like our yarn dollhouse rug, by cutting single strips and tying one on each set of nails. We got a bit confused because there were two warp strips on each nail. Since this rug was “rustic,” a few mistakes didn’t really matter.  In fact one could optimistically say that they actually enhanced the rug.  But now I know that I prefer to have one warp string on each nail.

I wrapped the cloth around the shuttle and we began weaving.

To finish it up, I lifted each loop off the nail, cut it, and tied the two ends together in a sturdy knot.

The final result:

We used it to keep the dolls’ feet toasty in their bathroom, but it could also be a potholder, or even a dish washing cloth (that’s what my husband thought it was).


If you did a clothing Unplugged Project this week, then please link to your project in the Mr. Linky below. If not, then follow the links to everyone’s project and enjoy! If you are interested in learning more about how to join us, then please read about it here. We’d love to have you!


The theme for next week’s Unplugged Project will be:




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  1. […] stars aligned this week, and the Unplug Your Kids theme of clothing reminded me of a project I had wanted to do back when I was still printing things from the […]

  2. Your little dollhouse rug turned out great!

    Crescent Moons last blog post..Unplugged Challenge:Clothing

  3. Meg says:

    Heehee! Great minds think alike.

    Megs last blog post..Unplugged – Clothing

  4. Amberella says:

    This was my first time participating in The Weekly Unplugged project and I was sad because I couldn’t think of anything to do! But I finally did. I have been reading you for awhile and I am glad I got in on the fun! :)

    Amberellas last blog post..Weekly Unplugged Project- Clothing

  5. Gerky says:

    I’m baaaack! I actually posted for the last three unplugged themes. I am so far behind I apologize.

    For clothing we made cards like my aunt who used to live in Hawaii made to sell. (this might even count as wrinkle since the fabric was balled up and quite wrinkly when we went to use it. You can check that out here:

    For color and wrinkle we marbelized wrinkly paper and made postcards from the paper. You can see that here:

    Thanks for the great themes!


    Gerkys last blog post..Slat Books

  6. Jennifer says:

    Nice job!

    Jennifers last blog post..Unplugged Project-Clothing

  7. Very cute! I’ve been working on a secret project using cut up t-shirts and this is really inspiring (since I have so many I can cut up!)
    xo, Amanda @ /

  8. Katherine says:

    If you want to use the same technique, but have one strand on each nail, you can just wrap over two nails instead of one. If you wrap up around the right side of the nail, over the top and all the way around the bottom, and then over the next nail to the right, each warp thread will be on the right side of each nail. If that made *any* sense.

  9. Cheryl says:

    I love your picture frame loom. Great idea – I will have to borow that one. :) Thanks!

    Cheryls last blog post..More Rabbit Trails and Unplugged Projects

  10. Rosina says:

    I just love this project! We haven’t had a chance to participate in a while but I wanted to stop by and let you know that I nominated you for a fun award :)

    Rosinas last blog post..M’s 3rd Birthday Party

  11. Katherine says:

    Thank you for this project – it’s great!!! I found you via my friend Clare’s blog (seeing with new eyes).

    We’re not ‘unplugged’ in our house although we have considered it. Instead we’ve chosen to enjoy a bit of everything in moderation including loads of crafts and books. We really enjoyed joining in this week and look forward to future projects and the challenge of thinking of activities relating to the themes.

    Now I just need to think of something fun to do with a bottle before Monday!

    Thanks again and best wishes,

    Katherines last blog post..Unplugged project – clothing

  12. Lynn says:

    I didn’t end up having time to do all of the really fun things I had dreamed up (that really wouldn’t have been THAT much fun for a 15 month old anyway!), but we had a lot of fun with this anyway. Looking forward to next week’s project already.

    Lynns last blog post..Give away

  13. Linda says:

    Hello, i included your creations on my blog. The you can see on
    I hope you like it.
    hello, linda

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