Help Save the Nice Toys!

By , January 11, 2009 10:49 am

Help save hand-crafted and high quality European toys!

A quick update on more that you can do to help revise the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA):

This is really easy, will take you less than a minute, and could be potentially very effective in raising awareness in Washington about the issue of overly broad toy testing requirements:

Go to this link at

Save Small Business From the CPSIA

and vote for this cause.  The top 10 causes will be presented to President-Elect Obama for review.  This issue is currently #4 and so it is definitely in the running!  Hooray!  Read more about what your vote means here.

You can also put this widget on your blog or website to help spread the word:

If you are wondering what the heck I am talking about, here is a brief summary:

In August 2008 Congress passed the CPSIA with the goal of improving toy safety. It bans lead and phthalates from toys and children’s products and also mandates lots of extra testing and labeling. Well, the thought is nice, but in reality only large corporations will be able to afford the certification required. There is no exception for hand-crafted toys, or toys already certified under strict European standards.

The statute is overly broad and will effectively prohibit the sale of handmade toys in the United States. Even German toymaker Selecta has decided that the new law is too burdensome and has already withdrawn from the U.S. market.

If you want to, you can read more about this issue in these posts of mine:

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4 Responses to “Help Save the Nice Toys!”

  1. Nina says:

    Just voted. Thanks for making it so easy for us.

    Homemade and fine toys are very important to me. But now I find out that resale and thrift shops are effected. Almost all of our books come from used sources. I feel especially discouraged for myself, for the environment and for other families that rely on the used market for children’s items.

    Ninas last blog post..Rotate & Reduce Toys

  2. Jenny says:

    Thank you so much for posting that link. I just voted, and our cause is up to number 3 now. Here’s to hoping something can be done to stop the insanity.

    Jennys last blog post..One of My Favorite Things Lately…

  3. Thanks for making this cause known. I have been spreading the word!

    Mom and Kiddos last blog post..Now We Are 4

  4. Cynthia says:

    CPSC Spokeswoman Chastises ‘Mommy-Bloggers’ On TV

    Did you see the video from Baltimore Channel 11 where, for the first time someone from CPSC is interviewed on air? Yep. She disparages ‘mommy-bloggers’ for spreading ‘misinformation’ on the internet! Do you believe this? (Of course, the poor sacrifical lamb has already resigned, her last day is tomorrow) Gee, why do you think they picked her to go on camera?

    There is a closed door Congressional Staffer meeting tomorrow about CPSIA. Today and tomorrow would be a REALLY good day to CALL, email and FAX everyone in congress you can think of as well as the CPSC.

    We would also appreciate you continuing to spread the word to go to and Click! to vote (the petition has over 70,000 signatures) as we intend to print out all 500 pages and distribute it to Congressional members tomorrow. As you know, the CPSC has done it’s best to quell the uproar our little corner of this devil in diapers that is CPSIA by their infamous ‘Press Release’.

    Thanks so much! Here’s the video

    Cynthias last blog post..CLICK! TO CONTACT CONGRESS!

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