Becky’s Unplugged Week

By , October 17, 2007 9:17 pm

There is another blogger out there who is trying to turn off the TV for one week, just to see how it goes. Becky of Boys Rule My Life (mom of three boys!) and her family have decided to try going without TV for one week. Becky says:

“Jeff and I have been talking about this for some time and after reading this post on Unplug Your Kids and seeing a tv commercial today showing a child coming home from school and the parents being too “busy” for their kids we’ve decided that it’s time: We are unplugging the tv for a week. ”
We’re Going Unplugged, October 10th

One thing I think is clever, but perhaps obvious to most besides me, is that Becky actually physically unplugged the TV in order to avoid little fingers turning it on. Of course even the littlest children know how to push buttons and could turn on a TV with no problem. Plus, as Becky says: “…it is truly unplugged, which also means that I have to make a conscious decision to turn it back on.”

Becky is also trying to cut down on the amount of time she spends online. I must admit that the computer is also my weakness. During my TV Turn-Off Week Blog Challenge I cut back too, but it was hard.

Read about Becky’s first unplugged day here. It sounds like it was a pretty good day. Her oldest boy Will (age 5) was thrilled to play more trains, and Nathan (age 2) was a bit perplexed, but all was going fairly smoothly as of the time of her post.

She also posted an update today:

“Mornings have been less hectic. I don’t have to remind Will *quite* so much to get ready, brush teeth, etc. because the tv is not on to distract him. We’ve played trains or read books before school every day this week. The house is quieter. It’s nice.”

They have not been completely TV-free. The family has turned it on for a little while around 3PM, but only for a bit. The reduction in the amount of TV her family has watched seems to have made Becky pretty happy so far. She and her husband Jeff have been able to spend more time as a family, which was their main goal.

Becky’s “unplugged week” continues. Please stop by Boys Rule My Life to follow her family’s progress and wish them well!

4 Responses to “Becky’s Unplugged Week”

  1. missbecky75 says:

    Hey thanks for the post. It gives me a boost to push on!!

    We’ve already gone through the morning request for a movie. Only 1 “no” today and a response of “as you say”. (My 5 year old has such a vocabulary!)

    Thanks again! I feel famous for having been blogged about! =)

  2. Mom Unplugged says:

    You’re welcome! Please let us know how it goes!

  3. Becky @ Boys Rule My Life says:

    Here we go again… only this time – I’ve disconnected the cable! This has been weighing on me for some time and it just needed to be done! Monday the cable tv is GONE! Whoo! Hoo!

  4. Mom Unplugged says:

    Wow Becky! That’s a big step, good luck and keep me posted! Plus, now you can figure out how you want to spend that extra monthly money that used to go to the cable company! :)

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