A Silk Purse Out of a Sow’s Ear

By , October 10, 2007 9:13 pm

Yesterday I happened across an unused old Dollar Store, cheapo coloring book and put it on the kitchen table for the donation box.

As a child, I always liked coloring books, even the ordinary, unimaginative ones. But lately, I have become a bit of a coloring book snob. There are some really creative coloring books out there (subject of a future post – stay tuned!). Who says that you need to stay between the lines anyhow?

Well, my kids found this boring old coloring book after they came from school and pounced on it! But instead of each picking one picture to sit and passively color, they immediately started discussing the “books” that they were going to make.

It started with my 5 year-old son who found some dinosaur pictures and began coloring an array of very colorful dinosaurs. I guess there is no scientific reason why dinosaurs couldn’t have been red and blue with yellow stripes. Maybe that is why they became extinct. Poor choice of camouflage.

My 7 year-old daughter quickly jumped in with an animal theme and began work on her “book” too.

They worked for about two hours yesterday, and another couple of hours after school today. Here are the completed books, all stapled together and ready to be turned into stories:

What occurred to me as they were doing this, is that kids can do very creative things with ordinary objects, or things that we adults turn our noses up at. Being a coloring book snob, I was ready to give this one away, yet the kids found a very creative way to use it. Perhaps children are better able to “think outside the box” than we adults are.

If you haven’t read my post Ignore the Rules about how children often use toys in unintended, yet very creative ways, please give it a read. Perhaps those not so imaginative toys in your closet might have possibilities that we adults have never imagined!

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  1. Cheryl www.homeschooljourney.wordpress.com says:

    How true. My kids play with the weirdest things. String, bits of paper (made into tiney little things) sticks, I’m never sure what I’ll be “caught” throwing away! They also love making ‘books’. I’ve had to say good bye to a few staplers over the years. They died a noble death!

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