Potholders "Loom" in Your Future

By , September 21, 2007 10:54 am

NOTE: If you are looking for instructions for removing a potholder from the loom, see my post: How to Remove a Potholder From a Loom.

(Sorry for the bad joke in the title, but I simply couldn’t resist.)

Crafts make a great alternative to TV. TV-free kids have time for lots and lots of arts and crafts!Yesterday was my sister’s birthday (Happy Birthday!!) and my oldest daughter worked very hard to make Auntie the gift of a potholder for her tea kettle.

Do you remember those potholder looms with the cotton loops? I do! I used to love making potholders. My poor mother was overrun with potholders. Well, apparently potholder-love does not skip a generation since my 7 year-old seems to be as fascinated with her loom as I was with mine.

Unfortunately for my mother, I didn’t realize as a child that there are other things that can be made with these little woven squares besides potholders! The instructions to our loom suggest sewing them together to make a placemat or doll rug, a treasure box or tissue holder, even a purse or a doll sleeping bag. The possibilities are endless.

You might be able to find these little kits at hobby stores, but since we have no hobby stores here, I found ours on Amazon. It is a good one since the frame is made of sturdy metal rather than plastic (ours is by Harrisville Designs). It came with a long metal hook, a crochet hook, enough colorful 100% cotton loops to make several potholders (you can buy wool loops too), and complete instructions. I’ll be sure to provide links to several different kits at the bottom of my post.

Those of you who are more ambitious and “crafty” than I, might be interested to learn that these little looms can apparently also be used with yarn. You can weave yarn squares for afghans, vests, or other projects. See this link for more information on how to do this.

Here are a few photos:


The completed potholder still on the loom.


Removal from the loom – a delicate process!

The finished potholder with loop for hanging!


4 Responses to “Potholders "Loom" in Your Future”

  1. Jenny says:

    What a wonderful idea for a present- I’m impressed with your daughter’s craftiness! :o) I’m about the least crafty person I know, but these kits have intrigued me…and I need some new potholders, really!

    For our “not sitting in front of the TV” activity his evening, I gave CJ a pile of “foamy stickers”, a box, and let her go to town. I knew she was having fun when I spotted her with stickers across her face and shirt!

  2. amanda says:

    Your daughter’s work is lovely. I bet your sister was very touched by such a thoughtful handmade gift. I remember those kits fondly. When my son is a little older I will be sure to try this.

  3. Pam says:

    i love the instructions, although, I am still at a lost about the yarn. Warping the corner has got me a bit confused. Could you explain a little more for me?

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