I’m an A-Lister !!!!!!!!!!

By , July 24, 2007 9:02 pm

I got the call…the day before I left on my trip…it was the CSA…I am in!!!! A half share! The fall harvest! First shipment the day I get back! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!

This came as a shock. I had been under the impression that not only was I not A-List Material at the present time, but I was on the W-List (as in the “What-Were-You-Thinking-Not-In-This-Lifetime-List;” or was that the “Wait-For-At-Least-Another-Year-Or-Two-Or-Maybe-When-Hell-Freezes-Over-List”).

No, I have not been conducting a systematic extermination of all those before me on the W-List. Nor have I been passing out bribes for volunteering to leave the list (although I did entertain that idea for a while). Apparently there is a teensy weensy chance that the CSA people might possibly have learned about my pathetic “A-List For Vegetables” post from a certain “Other A-Lister” (you know who you are) and either: 1) Felt very sorry for me, or 2) Become extremely concerned about my mental health, and bumped me up. I vote for the mental health issue. Or, maybe I was just higher on the list than I thought. Whatever the cause of my rapid rise to A-List Stardom, I am eternally grateful and soooo excited!

No more flaccid celery, puckered tomatoes, spongy zucchini, or dubious daikon. Apples will not be so shiny that I can use them to check for the remains of slimy lettuce between my teeth, and perhaps the apples might even have (gasp!!!)…AN IMPERFECTION.

On August 8th, 2007 a box of freshly picked produce will be lovingly delivered to my door and placed in my eager hands by the farmer himself. With bated breath I shall open the box to reveal all of Earth’s pristine bounty laid out before my eyes, the warm Arizona soil still clinging to crevices in the delicate pure and unadulterated flesh. I shall behold flawless treasures begging to be transformed into fresh and healthy gourmet meals for my little ones and me.

Of course my angels will love savoring exotic dishes of kohlrabi and endive. They will beg for seconds and thirds of swiss chard and turnips. I can hear it now: “Mama, Mama, PLEASE don’t make us eat that awful frozen pizza that we used to like so much!!! Can’t we have Bok Choi and Beetroot Goulash tonight instead?? Pleeeeeese!!!! Pretty pleeeeese????” Instead of Chicken Fingers and 7-Up, they will demand Okra Twizzles accompanied by Brussel Sprout Smoothies.

Well, maybe not. A bit of encouragement might be necessary. A Kids Cook Night Bok Choi and Beetroot Goulash perhaps? Recipe to follow shortly.

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  1. meeyauw says:

    Now that is very interesting: it is so late in the season. The CSAs here have these deadlines like in June. My son belongs to one in Washington DC and loves it. And the farmer delivers to a city corner there. Of course, he eats vegetables. I don’t. I looked into it here in Vermont and the price is just outrageous for somebody like me that hates vegetables and won’t cook. Like $750 for a full share!!! Plus the hour ride to the farm and back. And the vegetables I haven’t even heard of!!

  2. wishy the writer says:

    You are a GOOFBALL! But, welcome to the A-list, DAH-ling!

  3. CelticMommy says:

    OOoooh, I am so happy for you!!
    Two cookbooks I’d recommend for fresher than fresh fruits and veggies would be: Local Flavors by Deborah Madison and Vegetables by James Peterson. Of course the Fruits book and Vegetables book from Alice Waters at Chez Panisse are excellent too.

    :-) Happy cooking!

  4. Another A-Lister says:

    Red Cloud Potatoes, Swiss Chard,”Fairy Tale” baby eggplant that are too beautiful to cook….and the basil, oh my! Just a sampling of what awaits you on your return!!!

  5. Mom Unplugged says:

    Thanks for sharing my excitement everyone!

    The cookbook recommendations are especially helpful. I think my sister has all of those, I shall have to borrow them.

    The veggies sound glorious!!! Thanks for the preview!!!

    Mom Unplugged

  6. Jen says:

    YAY! Enjoy! Our CSA goes strong through September, I believe, then there’s a fall share that goes through December. :) I’ll be joining that one too. YUM!

  7. Ragnar says:

    Oh man I am SOOO jealous. I think I’m on the waiting list for every local CSA…perhaps they consider me a CSA ho and therefore not worthy of consideration? I’ll be living vicariously through your vegitable bounty.

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